Book your wheelchair

We are normally open from April to October on Sundays 9am to 5pm.  If you would like to come on another day, please let us know. If we have volunteers available, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Currently we are closed due to the global health crisis.  More information is available on our news page.

Before you call have a look at our wheelchairs and equipment page so you can see what’s available and think about which system will work best for you.  We will talk all this through with you when you call and answer any questions you have.

Please contact us to book your wheelchair(s) before your visit. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that there will be wheelchairs available without prior booking.

Call to book

To book a beach wheelchair call: 07864 350 989

More information

  • Your visit
    Plan your visit to Balmedie beach using our wheelchairs, find out how to use our free volunteer run service, when are we open, facilities at the site, using the wheelchairs and help available

  • Our wheelchairs
    Find out about our wheelchairs, from recliner buggies, to upright chairs and wheeled platforms, check out the specifications of each chair and our hoist, temporary pathway onto the beach and therapy table

2020/21 season

We are currently closed due to the global health crisis


Sandcruiser wheelchair, hippocampe wheelchairs, nomad desert platform lined up on Balmedie beach
Hippocampe buggy style wheelchair on the beach