Our wheelchairs

We have a range of all terrain beach wheelchairs from recliner buggies, to upright chairs and wheeled platforms. Here we’ve listed all our equipment including our hoist, changing table and temporary pathway.

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Sandcruiser wheelchair, hippocampe wheelchairs, nomad desert platform lined up on Balmedie beach




Accompanying adults

Max weight


Medium Hippocampe

Buggy, reclined style

Children and young adults


 120 kg

We have specialilsed beanbags for the chair which help support toddlers and babies in the chair

Large Hippocampe

Buggy reclined style

Chrildren and young adults


120 kg

We have specialised beanbags for the chair which help support toddlers and babies in the chair


Upright chair

Teenagers and adults of all ages


120 kg

Nomad Desert

Platform that carries your own chair

All ages


220 kg

No need to move from your own chair.  But please discuss using this system with us when you book, especially if you have extra equipment on your chair

Other equipment

We have supporting equipment to help you transfer into our chairs and reach the beach.




Max weight


Birdie mobile hoist


All ages

180 kg

Please bring your own sling

Mobi-Roll n Stow beach mat

Temporary pathway over sand




Linak therapy hygiene table

Changing table

All ages

40 kg

Height adjustable, side support rails and cushions

Manufacturer's specifications 

We have listed the product web pages for all our equipment so you can see the individual specifications

More information

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    Plan your visit to Balmedie beach using our wheelchairs, find out how to use our free volunteer run service, when are we open, facilities at the site, using the wheelchairs and help available

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